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Based on the philosophy of “Quality First,” Toyota Sewing Machines provides sewing machines for global markets that are environmentally friendly and user friendly owing to their design parameters of “Usability” and “Aesthetic Beauty.”

History of TOYOTA home-use Sewing Machines

The Origin of Sewing Machines - TOYOTA Sewing Machines Made by Aisin-

Although "TOYOTA sewing machines" are marketed under the TOYOTA brand name, they are actually manufactured by us.

The history of TOYOTA sewing machines extends more that 60 years. The beginning goes back to the days of Aichi Kogyo CO., Ltd., the forerunner of the current Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. before it was established in 1965 as one of the best comprehensive automotive parts manufacturers in japan through the merger of Aichi Kogyo CO., Ltd. and Shinkawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

During the postwar reconstruction period in 1945, Aichi Kogyo CO., Ltd. was encountering difficulties in sustaining business by solely producing and selling automotive parts since Toyota's automobile production was not progressing well. In response to such adversity, Kiichiro Toyoda (1894-1945), the founder of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (presently Toyota Motor Corporation), suggeted focusing on selling household sewing machine using Toyota automatic loom technology.

In 1946, the first sewing machine was completed. Impressed with the outcome of the machine, Kiichiro approved sales of this sewing machine under the TOYOTA brand name. This marked the start of the TOYOTA sewing machine manufactured by AISIN.

Providing a More User-friendly Sewing Machine to the World-

Today, AISIN's household sewing machines (TOYOTA sewing machines) are designed in Japan and produced in China, then sold around the world. These sewing machines are well received in European markets, where dressmaking is particularly popular, and boast a high share at mass retailers having sold more than 10 million units, We will continue to pursue further friendliness in order to expand sales of Toyota sewing machines globally.