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Warm water shower-toilet seats are an irreplaceable part of Japanese peoples' lives. Consumers have moved from an era where merely washing up was enough to one in which washing comfort matters as well. Aisin Seiki's newly developed “Zoom Wash” features two water channels within the washing nozzle. Intersecting the two nozzles enables adjustment of the washing surface and adjustment of the water pressure.

Aisin developed user friendly non-electric water pressure type bidet specially designed for Asian users where there is no necessity for warm water and warm toilet seat due to the warm tropical weathers.

Unique Features for Water Pressure Type Bidet:

  • User Friendly Seat Position with Multiple wash points (vs single or dual fixed wash point)
  • Effective Washing and Cleaning with Wide Washing area (vs narrow washing area)
  • Effective Washing and Cleaning with Wide Washing area (vs narrow washing area)
  • Ergonomic Design for seating comfort (vs conventional toilet seat design)
  • 100% Anti-Microbial/Bacterial Seat long lasting (vs Anti-Microbial coating that reduces over time)
  • Made in Japan
  • Auto Water Spray Turn off when not in use (vs Manual turn off of water spray)
  • For those who have hemorrhoid or problem in bowel movement, it can help the stool come out more easily.
  • During diarrhea, washing with gentle water is easier to the anal
  • Our unique bidet seats can mount on most toilet bowls (WC) easily by simply replacing the toilet seat. Except those odd shapes and sizes WC.
  • Our bidet seat is easy to clean and maintain.
  • 1Our bidet complied with rigorous Japan and Singapore regulatory requirement to give quality assurance to consumers
  • Our unique water pressure type bidet can be easily self-installed without external help needed.
  • Our unique auto-shut off design in NC models keep the toilet cleaner and from getting wet easily. (vs Convention bidet seat without autowater spray turn off and handheld spray used in the toilet)
  • Bidet are suitable for everyone who want better hygiene to reduce irritation especially helpful for:
    • People who are recovering from surgery
    • People with physical disabilities
    • People with various medical conditions: haemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery, ailments affecting the genital/rectal areas
    • People with developmental disabilities (Down syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy)
    • Women who want more effective feminine hygiene during monthly menstruation or sexual activities.