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Passenger Vehicle Engine Oil

Aisin unique engine oil is designed to meet different car needs from high performance requirement to heavy duty use across multiple type engines: gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG and others. Our high quality gasoline engine oil meets the requirements of API SN/CF & Others and surpasses performance standards set ILSAC GF 5 specification with the following key characteristics and benefits:

  • Very High Viscosity Index (Excellent Anti-Oxidation Stability and Extend Oil Drain Interval)
  • Higher Phosphorous Retention (Protects selective catalyst reduction system for emission gas control)
  • Higher Piston Deposit rating improves piston cleanliness protecting blow-by gas to increase engine power
  • Higher Engine Sludge rating increase engine durability and anti-wear reducing car maintenance.

Similarly, our high grade diesel engine oil is formulated from very high viscosity index for heavy-duty use to provide maximum oil drain interval and meet the API standard in CJ-4/CI-4 and others specification with the following characteristics and benefits:

  • Reduced Volatility leading to lower oil consumption and lower emission
  • Excellent Performance for sustaining durability with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system
  • Protect against sludge formation by sulfur and fuel combustion without the need for shortened drain interval