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Motorcycle Engine oil

Aisin’s motorcycle/scooter engine oil is specially designed for better engine protection using latest additives technology that provides the following performance benefits:

  • Enhance gear durability by protecting against gear pitting using Extreme Pressure (EP) additive giving anti-wear protection and EP performance
  • Greater sheer stability using optimized viscosity grades with viscosity modifiers
  • Strong engine power by keeping piston clean through greater oxidative stability, good base oil and robust detergent system
  • Improve fuel efficiency using optimum level of friction modifier and lighter viscosity grade to control clutch slippage.
  • High torque levels by preventing clutch slippage using clutch friction booster for optimum

The motorcycle oil provides single oil lubricant for the engine and gear with high dynamic/static friction index for clutch performance (JASO MA/MA1/MA2) and wet clutch applications where the oil also acts as a coolant.   While the scooter engine oil has much lower dynamic/static friction index for providing fuel economy under JASO MB and more suited for dry clutch or scooter applications.