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Automotive Battery

AISIN Automotive batteries are designed for Original Equipment passenger cars and commercial vehicles, providing high starting power and longevity. Using today’s leading puncture-resistance separator technology, AISIN automotive batteries has improved standard battery lifespan by more than 25% and reduces short circuit probabilities by more than 50%.

Whether your car is OE equipped, with start-stop functionality, a highly equipped vehicle with higher energy needs, AISIN full range of automotive batteries has the right battery for your vehicle.

Moving forward, AISIN will go on contributing to the achievement of enriching automotive experiences that will allow our customers to continue to drive their cars with increased safety and comfort.

AISIN AGM Batteries

With outstanding performance, Aisin AGM batteries has 3 times the cycle life of conventional batteries and is the best choice for cars with the highest electrical load demands like heavy usage, hot tropical climate, high cranking like security vehicle or multiple accessories and equipment like advance car audio system. Aisin AGM battery lines provides reliable starting power, 100% spill proof to withstand vibrations and the highest technology in lead-acid battery in the market today.

AISIN EFB Batteries

AISIN EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology delivers excellent battery life and consistent performance. AISIN EFB batteries offer twice the level of endurance than standard batteries. Ideal for start-stop vehicles not equipped with regenerative braking system or standard vehicle with increase electrical demands.

AISIN SMF Batteries

Aisin SMF (Fully Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries are designed for Original Equipment Automobile first, aftermarket second. AISIN SMF batteries harnesses the high-level technical abilities and experience, offers higher CCA for high starting power and higher number of cranks in one battery lifespan as compared to standard batteries. AISIN SMF batteries provide the right amount of electrical power at the right time.